Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! I am planning to focus mainly on recipes, healthy eating and staying active in my hometown, Ottawa.

A few facts to get started…I am 24 years old and I was born and raised in Ottawa. I also went to university here where I completed a degree in human rights. My favourite colour is purple, I’m obviously Canadian and I love all four seasons so I’m in a pretty good place to experience them. In Ottawa, the summers go into the +30’s for weeks at a time, and in the winter we go into the -30’s. We get a nice spring and a beautiful fall here in the nation’s capital.

I am a vegan – most of the time. I chose this because a) I have never really liked meat that much and can’t stand touching/cooking meat, b) dairy never made me feel so hot and c) I really don’t believe in the mass production of meat/factory farming that we have going on in our world today. It is terrible for the animals, the environment, and humans, no one wins. I’m not suggesting everyone stop eating meat and dairy immediately, but I would love for everyone to recognize how out of control our meat consumption is and what it’s doing to our earth and our bodies. We can all cut back a little to help ourselves, the animals and the earth. My transition to veganism was difficult because I was a cheese fanatic – I learned a lot about cheese working in the cheese department at a grocery store. However once I realized how much clean water it takes to raise so many cows, and how many humans on this earth don’t have clean water, I took a moment to figure out what personal choices I could make to bring about change. One of them was no longer purchasing dairy products in addition to not purchasing meat products. Now I strictly eat no meat, but occasionally dairy products or eggs – at a family or friends’ house or a restaurant. In my own home though, I only cook vegan meals.

I started running in August 2014. My sister and I joined a Learn to Run clinic with the Running Room and I have been running ever since! I really love running and when I don’t do it for a while, I really miss it. I like running with a group for the motivation but also really enjoy going for a nice long run by myself with just my music along the Rideau Canal. It’s a great time to think and reflect while enjoying the great outdoors. I like setting goals and achieving them – I’ve got a few 5K’s under my belt and one 10K.

Finally, I am very fortunate to be working in the wonderful non-profit sector here in Ottawa. The work is very fulfilling and I feel very lucky that I can feel so good about what I do every day.

That’s all for now!



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