5 Nights of Vegan Dinners – Night 1

Alright so this might be a crazy idea since I haven’t been very committed to posting on this blog, but I’m going to give this challenge a shot.

This week, I will be trying out a new vegan recipe every night for dinner. I’ve been eating out a lot recently or hitting up the salad bar (by salad I mean only the delicious pasta salads…) and it needs to stop, so I decided to create a challenge for myself to increase my chances of sticking to it. Five nights. Five new vegan recipes.

First up! Spaghetti Squash Chow Mein. Let me tell you right off the bat, this did not turn out the way I imagined it would. It was either too much sauce or too little spaghetti squash, but it looks NOTHING like these lovely pictures. That was disappointing, but it still tasted pretty great. Kind of overwhelmingly soy-saucey but if you like that, it’s golden. I am pretty into soy sauce so I didn’t mind, but it definitely isn’t a favourite unfortunately. It feels like I somehow completely messed up the ratios. To be honest, there was not a large spaghetti squash selection at my grocery store. Once I realized the squash would not yield much spaghetti, I just added more cole slaw mix. Which….kind of worked.

This is only day one so I will not lose hope! Next up: vegan garlic pasta! I am excited because I think it’s a bit harder to mess up pasta (but just watch me try). I’ve come to realize that a large part of cooking is screwing up – at least while you’re learning. I’m only 24 so I have a lot left to learn, I’m glad to be starting now and not when I’m 30.


It looked pretty nice before adding the sauce…


Then it looked like that. But again, it tasted pretty good so looks aren’t everything!

Fingers crossed that tomorrow’s dinner is considerably more photogenic.



One Comment Add yours

  1. lostsheepkay says:

    Way to go! It will be challenging at first to cook vegan food but you just gatta enjoy yourself and roll with it! 🙂


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