5 Nights of Vegan Dinners – Night 2

Vegan Garlic Pasta from Minimalist Baker! My first vegan dinner recipe success story.


This meal was pretty easy to make, and I will definitely make it again. It didn’t take long and was pretty straightforward, also not too many ingredients. Win-Win-Win!

One question though, what are shallots? I mean I’ve Googled them and I know what they look like, but I cannot find them at either of my grocery stores. They seem to be like onions and so I’m always scoping out the onion section, hoping to spot one, but I never have. So I’ve also Googled “shallot substitute” many times, and the consensus seems to be either red onion or the white part of green onions (scallions). I had a bit of both, so I used a bit of both! It worked out fine, but I’m really desperate to see a real live shallot at some point in my life.

I cooked the penne first and let it sit around basically so it stuck together nicely but once I added it into the sauce it broke apart. Roasting the tomatoes was easy, the amount of cooking time was almost perfect – I think my oven is weird so they maybe could have used a bit less time, maybe 15 minutes rather than 20. The tomatoes basically fell apart in the sauce which doesn’t change the taste at all just the aesthetic.

I would definitely recommend making this anytime, it’s quick and smells amazing when it’s cooking! If I would change anything it’s that I would maybe use even more garlic! It says 8 cloves which I used, but I would have preferred more like 8 giant cloves or 10 regular ones. I love garlic. Also, you would never know this was made with almond milk. It just tastes creamy and garlicky.



Finished product! I do highly recommend adding some fresh basil in full leaf form or chop some up and mix it in. Basil, tomatoes and garlic are like the trifecta of amazing tastes.

Tomorrow’s recipe: Portobello Mushroom Fajitas! Mexican cuisine is by far my favourite to cook at home so I’m pretty excited for it!



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