5 Nights of Vegan Dinners – Night 3

Vegan Portobello Mushroom Fajitas from the Garden Grazer 🙂

Mexican meals, my absolute favourite. This turned out really well. I love all the ingredients and I had some fun toppings on hand. Prep was really easy – just chopping veggies and mixing the taco seasoning – and so was cooking. Another quick but delicious weeknight meal.

IMG_20151104_173602You don’t have to cook portobello mushrooms and veggies for too long which is perfect when you are making something after work. It smelled awesome while cooking, I guess anything involving onions cooking in a skillet usually does.

So the recipe calls for corn tortillas. I’ve been really good at reading labels on everything I buy since trying to be vegan. This package of corn tortillas did not list any animal products, however it did have one of those “may contain” warnings for soy and milk products. For now, that’s a risk I’m willing to take. I may become more strict with these ingredients in the next few years but for now it doesn’t bother me, I’m making a lot of important changes otherwise.

IMG_20151104_174122~2Other than the possibility that the tortillas might contain dairy, this recipe is fully vegan. It continuously amazes me when I cook vegan meals how natural, simple ingredients taste so delicious. To me, so much better than anything with meat and slowly I’m realizing, even better than food with cheese in it. I used to think there was no way cheese would ever taste bad to me. Now that I’ve been off of it for over a month though, sometimes the thought of it makes me feel a bit nauseous, like it’s way too rich.

For the toppings I just used what I had in the fridge. I chopped up some tomatoes, I had some cabbage mix from the chow mein I made on Monday, I had some salsa, and then I also made my favourite avocado dressing (I seriously make this weekly). It’s a nice sour cream/cheese replacement.

I will definitely make this again, probably soon, because it was completely awesome. On the menu for tomorrow; tofu veggie stir fry. This involves drying and baking tofu, something I have never attempted, so I have my fingers crossed already.



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