5 Nights of Vegan Dinners – Night 4

Another awesome recipe from the Minimalist Baker – Veggie Tofu Stir Fry.

So this was more time-consuming than any of the past three nights, only because of the drying/cooking/more drying of the tofu. I have only cooked with tofu a couple times before, and never dried it or baked it. Now I can likely never have it any other way because I love it baked! The drying out/baking process took about 1.5 hours total. Luckily that gave me lots of time to prep the veggies and sauce – and clean my apartment. IMG_20151105_182040~2However once the tofu is prepared, the rest of it comes together very quickly and easily. So yes, the tofu prep is time-consuming but overall based on the end result, I feel like it was absolutely worth it.

I think this is my favourite stir-fry sauce. I’ve made a few before but they were never the right balance of sweet and soy, or the right consistency. This one is completely perfect.

I will probably make this for other people to impress them, like I’m some fancy pants chef who can make tofu taste really good (actually it’s minimalist baker who is that fancy pants chef but they don’t need to know that).

Tomorrow is my last night of this little challenge I set for myself. I’m actually disappointed, it seems like it flew by! More nervous for tomorrow night’s meal – Vegan Thai Veggie Soup. My experiences with Thai cooking this far have been…hit and miss. Hoping I can figure it out and make something delicious. Also never found Thai basil…asked the Internet, they said mint was a better replacement than regular basil. I bought both and will decide tomorrow in the moment.



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