I love Christmas.

Photo my mom took of her Santa snow globe 🙂

Christmas is on Friday and I CAN’T WAIT!

I freaking love Christmas. I always have, probably always will. I have to say this is thanks to my family; they always make Christmas (and every holiday for that matter) amazing and special. When I was little, my mom loved to cook and bake and decorate for Christmas and I was there soaking up every second of it. My sister and I loved to help her bake. Both sets of my grandparents also loved Christmas. My aunts love it, my cousins, everybody. It’s like we have Christmas-loving in our blood.

This year has been disappointing as far as Christmas in Ottawa goes – NO SNOW! There is no snow in the forecast until Boxing Day. It’s just not fair, and it’s also very odd for this time of year. We’ve had some snow squalls, but none of it stuck around very long.

Ahhh snow, come BACK!!

It was lovely, last weekend I woke up to snow one morning and it stayed all day and night. However now it’s gone. I am nervous the skating season will be very short for the canal this year, because I am so looking forward to skating as much as possible now that I live so close by.

I’m trying to ignore the lack of snow outside by keeping the inside full of Christmas cheer – behold, my glorious Christmas tree and adorable kitty sitting on the heater to stay extra cozy because although there’s no snow, it’s still kind of cold outside.



Tonight I had to do some baking since it has been a while since my last attempt. This time went very well and I really like these cookies from The Pretty Bee. They’re very Christmas-y looking and they taste great 🙂


The cranberries cut the sweetness (they’re pretty damn sweet) and like I said, they look really festive. I’m excited to have other people try them. This was the first time I used an egg replacement – this one called for flax seed meal and water. It said it would turn into a gel, but mine never really did. I still think it worked well as a replacement for egg though. I would definitely make these again.

In addition to cooking and baking up a storm 24/7 plus working overtime, because in the charitable sector December is a BIG month, I went to see ‘Sisters’ with my sister last week! It was hilarious – if you like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, which we do. It’s exactly what you might expect from them. I was worried the previews gave away too much and spoiled the most hilarious bits, but they didn’t it was full of laughs.

So now I’ll just leave you with this image I came across the other day, which I can SOOOO relate to as the older sister. Every year, for every occasion but especially Christmas, this was my life…


– L.


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