January Challenge

I received a really great present for Christmas. Each year my three girlfriends and I exchange gifts secret Santa style, and this year the friend who got my name reached out to my sister for an idea. She gave her a wonderful idea…


That’s right; the Oh She Glows cookbook! I’ve used recipes from the website before, I follow her on Instagram, and I am subscribed to the newsletter – this is a great gift for me. Inspired by receiving the book, I have created a new challenge for myself to kick off 2016! Recommitting to veganism (I fell off the wagon over the month of December, due to stress and not always having the options at xmas events), I have decided to try ten new recipes from this cookbook in January. I’ll review them here, the good and the bad. I’m very excited, I really enjoyed my last challenge – it forced me to add some great vegan recipes to my mental recipe book. It’s time to add a few more, and not just for dinners. I also got a blender for Christmas so it will be nice to start making delicious vegan smoothies 🙂

I am hoping to come even closer to being fully vegan in 2016. The nice part of doing these mini challenges is proving to myself that I am able to accomplish my goals. It’s a great feeling throughout the challenges and at the end, even if they’re small and pretty attainable goals. So far I’ve chosen five recipes to try and written out my grocery list:

Breakfast/Snacks – Vegan Overnight Oats & Green Monster Smoothie

Mains – Chickpea Salad (for sandwiches), Spiced  Red Lentil-Kale Soup and Indian Lentil Cauliflower Soup

I’m happy with my choices, especially because I’ve never cooked with lentils and it’s something I’ve wanted to try – I’m glad I’ve got this reputable cookbook to guide me. Also it’s finally snowing in Ottawa and according to the forecast, it’s about to get even colder – soup is going to come in extremely handy for the next few months. I may have mentioned before, I love the snow and cold. I like the break we get from May – October (usually) but I really like it when the snow finally arrives. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the outdoor Christmas lights look much more appropriate…

Confederation Park looking magical at night 🙂




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