Chickpea Salad, Overnight Oats & Spiced Lentil-Kale Soup, oh my!

Okay so I was obviously super busy in the kitchen yesterday and today. 3 out of 10 OhSheGlows cookbook recipes down for January! This is what they call setting yourself up for success; I got three out of the way all in a 24 hour period so the chances are much higher that I’ll hit my goal for ten in the next three weeks! I’m really taking advantage of that new year enthusiasm, woo hoo 2016!!!!!!!!

I really love chicken chickpea salad! Shortly before I stopped eating meat, I got obsessed with chicken salad sandwiches. Tim’s has one and I ordered it all the time at school or at my part time job during school – conveniently right across from a Timmy’s (this is Canada so they are everywhere). Finally I’ve been able to replace it! This is the first recipe I tried out from the Oh She Glows cookbook and it’s definitely a keeper. It’s nice to have some kind of reliable sandwich spread for those days when you don’t feel like getting too crazy with your lunch or dinner.


I had this for lunch today on a tortilla with some baby spinach – it was perfect. It really did remind me of chicken salad but I would actually say it was even better. For some reason it had a bit of a kick – could have been the bold & spicy mustard I used of course. It was a good kick though. I really didn’t feel like this was missing anything at all! I tasted it at night when I made it before bed and it was good, but I do think it tasted even better this afternoon after sitting in the fridge overnight.

Speaking of overnight…here’s some overnight oats! I made these last night after making the chickpea salad. They also turned out pretty well!


I put raspberries and maple syrup in mine. This really isn’t my favourite right now, but I can see myself really enjoying it on a nice summer day. This morning it was -25 and all I wanted was a hot breakfast but instead I had this and hot coffee. It did the trick but I’ll be trying one of the baked breakfast recipes next time. I’ll keep this in mind come spring though.

Then tonight, I made the Spiced Lentil-Kale Soup. As I mentioned, it was -25 this morning and only went up to about -15 in the afternoon. So uh yeah, it’s freaking cold. But that’s what we signed up for living here so c’est la vie! I truly embrace the cold weather and snow, so my solution to all this was simply making a hot, spicy, and hearty soup.


So this is insanely delicious soup, it’s a bit spicy but I love that when it’s so cold out. You can tell it’s good for you as you’re eating it but it still tastes so good. How does that even happen??? I will make this all the time, but specifically when I have a cold this would be the perfect soup to clear your sinuses and soothe your throat and stomach. It’s literally the perfect health soup. Mmmm I want another bowl already but I’m so full.

Alright there’s a chance I will take a break for a couple days from these recipes and use some old reliable recipes in the mean time. However I am really looking forward to making my first Green Monster smoothie, I just had no frozen bananas but they are in the freezer now! Every time I say frozen banana I think of the banana stand from Arrested Development. I didn’t know frozen bananas were a thing until I saw that show, and I guess they aren’t really “a thing” so much as specific to that one area of California. I’d rather have a beaver tail anyway…

I get ’em personalized, like a boss.





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