Burrrrritos (with cashew cheese!)

Broccoli & Cashew Cheese Quinoa Burritos – I know, that’s a mouthful. So are the burritos, but they are very delicious mouthfuls so it’s all good. The sixth recipe I’ve tried from the Oh She Glows cookbook – four more to go!

It turns out, cashew “cheese” sauce is not as terrible as I had assumed. How to properly describe it…let’s just say I wouldn’t lick the spoon. Here’s what it looks like on its own and I did taste it – kind of sweet in a really weird way:


So yeah, I would not eat this on its own however it seems to work out really well when it comes to cooking with it! These burritos though, as a whole, were actually pretty great. Kind of an easy weeknight meal that doesn’t take a ton of prep or a ton of ingredients.

I had almost all the stuff for the cashew cheese here, however there is one big issue; raw cashews at my grocery store are crazy (and I mean CRAZY) expensive. Now I haven’t really explored other options yet – I believe Herb & Spice for example might sell nuts in bulk….at least I really hope they do. What about Bulk Barn, you might say. Oh well trust me, I would LOVE to go to Bulk Barn, however there are none downtown. Downtown Ottawa. No Bulk Barns. In what universe does that make any sense? The closest one I know of is at Billings Bridge. No thanks. There’s Kardish in the Glebe, also pretty far from me. Anyway, at Sobeys I could only find organic raw cashews. So guess how much I paid for not even 2 cups of cashews? THIRTEEN DOLLARS. Probably more with tax, almost fifteen. They will not last me long after making these plus the vegetable curry. But I suppose that otherwise, I might be buying cheese or chicken or something and that can get costly as well. Definitely going to be exploring other options for buying nuts in bulk in the near future, and also working on accepting that cashews are just very expensive nuts…

I did a bit of research, and the most highly recommended bulk nut store near my place was Shiraz Market which very unfortunately burned down at the end of last year along with the Daily Grind – a cafe with vegan options that sadly I was never able to try. To balance that out with something positive though, it was recently announced that a second Pure Kitchen location is opening on Elgin this year! Yay!

Okay well without further ado, the beautiful burritos:


If you don’t own the cookbook, just trust me this is basically exactly what the picture looks like (not to brag, but kind of…but also I’m lying because a professional photographer took those pictures and this was on my cell). Also if you don’t have the cookbook, unfortunately you will have to find one of the adapted recipes online because this one does not appear to be available on the Oh She Glows site, otherwise I would link to it of course. Hopefully you can tell that most of the recipes from her book are great so far, I think I can say already that it would be worth purchasing – there’s also a great section of tips, info on nutrition and what to have in your pantry, and the pictures are gorgeous.

The only thing these needed, in my opinion, was some baby spinach on multi grain tortillas. Pretty much perfect. The nice thing about eating vegan food, is that often when you overeat, you’re less likely to end up feeling really horrible. For example, I had two of these burritos and I definitely felt full but not in an uncomfortable or bloated way that I might have felt with meat or especially cheese in burritos. In the future, I would maybe add some black or kidney beans to these. Not a lot but a few would probably be a nice nutritional and textural addition.

Hopefully next up will be the vegetable curry but I can’t be certain. I always make a schedule and then barely ever follow it, it’s just madness usually.






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