Vegetable Curry & Avocado Pasta + Cookbooks!

Yesterday was a good day 🙂 Nothing particularly amazing happened, it was just a string of good things. I was happy in the morning (a rarity in my life, not a morning person) and happy on my walk to work. Although not a lot of people were at work, those who were there were also in good moods. Then I had lunch with a friend from one of the other floors in the building – we went for Vietnamese, had the vermicelli bowl topped with spring rolls and it was damn delicious. I also had an afternoon hot chocolate break/meeting. It was just a relatively stress-free, lovely day. Oh and my cookbooks were delivered to my work and everyone thought they were awesome, most of all ME.
Alright so first up, vegetable curry from the Oh She Glows cookbook. I may have mentioned my love for Indian food before…I get these intense cravings. I have the same overpowering cravings for shawarma from time-to-time (weekly). Every time I endeavor to make some kind of curry, I make sure to have basmati rice and naan to serve it with. I found this really tasty garlic naan at the store that’s vegan – very thankful because not having naan would have been slightly devastating.

I have to admit, I was a bit scatter brained while making this recipe and messed up a tiny bit. It’s not really a huge deal but basically, while all the veggies were cooking, I was supposed to add the salt and curry powder. Instead I skipped ahead to the next step, and added the cashew cream and frozen peas. Then realized uhhh there is no spice in this curry. So I added it at that point and it didn’t ruin it but might have made a slight difference. The consistency of the sauce was a bit odd – kind of chunky, maybe I didn’t blend enough/use enough water. But the taste was pretty good. It didn’t blow me away like the chickpea masala, but it was tasty enough. I hate cooking potatoes in a pan, it never works out for me. I always say to myself ‘next time pre-cook them a bit’ but do I ever end up doing that? No. They never end up being the right mushiness for me. I used both sweet potatoes and yellow potatoes; the sweet potatoes were almost too mushy and the yellow potatoes were kind of too firm. Can’t win!

Overall, this recipe was straightforward and not too much work. It was good with some naan and basmati, and tasted better the next day (as many things tend to, I’ve learned). I would probably adjust it slightly if I make it again.

Now onto the 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta – I’m still not sure how I feel about this one. Disclaimer; I am not a pasta fan. I am especially not a creamy pasta fan, so really my opinion on this should count for basically nothing.

It was definitely easy to make, and yes it was creamy, and yes it took around 15 minutes to complete…but I just feel like there is something missing and I can’t even put my finger on it. Did it need more salt? Should I have put in more garlic? Pepper? No idea, I can’t work it out in my mind and with my taste buds. It’s quite lemon-y, maybe that was an issue – if you don’t like lemon, definitely adjust the amount of lemon juice you use. Maybe I just used a very strong lemon…this really is a mystery to me. So after this pasta and the curry, I have two remaining recipes to complete for my January Challenge of cooking ten Oh She Glows dishes. The remaining two are quite simple – oatmeal and a smoothie, I should be able to handle that over the weekend…
As I mentioned in a previous post, I ordered two new cookbooks on Amazon and yesterday they finally arrived!


Thug Kitchen and Vegan Everyday. I am equally excited about these books. The first one has come highly recommended by other vegans and non-vegans alike, the second recommended by a local radio show so yeah, how can I possibly pick which one I’m more excited for? I only recently noticed they both have tacos on the cover…is that how you draw people in to veganism? Tell them they still get to eat tacos?? I’m sure they’ve done focus groups or research, and something must have come up regarding tacos. Makes sense I guess, we can probably all agree that tacos are pretty amazing.
Thug Kitchen is fun and the pictures are really beautiful. The girl who recommended this specifically said to try making the tacos, so I definitely see why they’re on the cover. Vegan Everyday is paperback with very few pictures so I will basically be winging it! That’s new for me, but maybe it’s important to try that out. Doug McNish is a Canadian chef and owns a vegan restaurant in Toronto. I really liked his radio interview so when I found the book on Amazon in paperback, it was clear I absolutely needed to have it. I plan to challenge myself to making several recipes from each of these books in the next few months.
For now I really can’t focus on anything other than watching Making a Murderer on Netflix. Damn you Netflix, first you get The Office and now this? I am really into injustice documentaries. I loved The Central Park Five and West of Memphis. Be sure to watch those two after Making a Murderer, that way you will have absolutely zero free time left! 🙂

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