Banana Pancakes, Tropical Smoothie & Blossom Cafe

Well I think I have to say first – thank you for these pancakes, Thug Kitchen. If there’s a better winter morning than eating banana pancakes, drinking coffee, watching The Office in your PJ’s while it lightly snows outside, I’d like to SEE IT.

These yummy pancakes are super easy to make. The recipes makes a lot…I really didn’t need to make that many and I was worried they wouldn’t be good. Turns out they were, my sister and friend had some and were blown away. I mean, we added coconut whipped cream (delicious btw) so maybe that brought them up an extra notch. As you may notice in the picture, for my first batch I caramelized some walnuts. Ended up burning them, and my finger, but in the future they would be a nice addition….just not burnt.

I read on another blog someone added chia and flax seeds to the mix which is funny because I had some flax seed meal out and decided against it. Since this was my first time making them I thought it would be smart to stick to the recipe. But next time, flax seed meal for sure. I also added cinnamon because, why not. Making these was easy, not a lot of ingredients, it probably took 15 minutes to mix and cook them. The consistency of the batter was not what I was expecting. The directions said to “pour” some batter into the pan…there was no pouring happening with this stuff. I even added extra almond milk because it just seemed way too gooey. These are called ‘whole wheat’ banana pancakes, but I don’t have whole wheat flour so I just used all-purpose. I will 100% be making these again, especially since a fellow vegan and a non-vegan adored them. They really aren’t a normal pancake consistency, much more dense than that. I would put them somewhere between pancakes and fritters. Doesn’t matter, they were just so yummy.

The tropical smoothie was seriously uplifting. I made it the same day as the pancakes, so it was lightly snowing all day, kind of blah out (although I love snow, don’t get me wrong) and this smoothie literally put a smile on my face. Mango, pineapple, coconut, ginger…I mean you really can’t go wrong there right? The flavours were perfect. Since I used all fresh fruit rather than frozen, I added a few ice cubes to make it colder. That didn’t work, really I should have refrigerated my can of coconut water before opening it, but I didn’t think that far ahead so ohhhh well. I drank this from my tropical David’s Tea mug  to really get in a tropical mood. I’ve never actually been anywhere tropical, obviously I’m dying to go though.


My sister ran out to Blossom Vegetarian Cafe and brought me back a vegan Caribbean Bowl. I’ve been there once before with a coworker, when I was eating dairy, and had the saag paneer which was really delicious (yes, Indian food of course) but I haven’t had any of their ‘bowls’ before. This was reeeeeally good. Kind of spicy but not too much, so flavourful, it was really delicious. It had butternut squash, kale, red onions, carrot, black beans, topped with cilantro, toasted cashews and a smokey coconut-tomato sauce on brown rice. Everything was so fresh and the combination of vegetables and flavours was spot on. I really need to get there more often for lunch.


Tomorrow morning I’ll be trying out the Apple Pie Oatmeal – I’m interested to see if it’s quick enough to make weekday mornings and Mondays are usually especially rough so this recipe’s speed will really be put to the test. I also hope it warms me up because tomorrow morning is supposed to feel like -20 BRRRRRRRRRR.





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