Apple Pie Oatmeal, Chickpea Burgers & Sweet Potato Fries

This is the very last recipe I picked from the Oh She Glows cookbook to test out. I really enjoyed challenging myself to try ten recipes from the book, a few of them are definitely keepers that I’m so happy to have now. The chickpea salad and lentil-kale soup in particular, I’ve made each of those several times. Oatmeal is kind of underwhelming for a finale, I wish it was a more photogenic breakfast…


This didn’t take very long to make – the night before I chopped up the gala apple, measured out all the dry ingredients and kept them in a Tupperware container together. That helped quite a bit because I wasn’t worried about any measuring or peeling and chopping early in the morning. Basically I threw everything into the pot in the morning to heat it up and just added the liquid ingredients. It was fairly quick, probably took 15 minutes total which isn’t too bad for a weekday morning. I still prefer Kashi cereal and almond milk though, that takes less than 2 minutes. I didn’t love the consistency of this – I had the pot heated up a bit too much and I think I burned the bottom a little bit, it really stuck to the pot. This tasted pretty good, but not like apple pie and I didn’t love the consistency. I might try making it again with some adjustments and cooking it on lower heat/more carefully.

I was taking a break at work and found a promising-looking chickpea burger recipe online. There were some buns sitting at home so I figured it would be worth it to try. This one comes from the Minimalist Baker (love this site for easy vegan meals). I’ve made black bean burgers once before in my life and they did not turn out that great so I was nervous about trying these out. I have to say, they did turn out better than I expected.


The flavour of these burgers was great. Cumin, chilli powder and cilantro, then I put sriracha and mustard on mine. They kind of fell apart though – I realized while mixing them that they weren’t holding together very well, I might have gone too far with the crushed tortilla chips. Once they got on the burger and I started eating, they were definitely falling apart but at least they stayed together long enough to make it onto the bun – that’s going  down as a success in my books.

I should have made these with the burgers, but instead I made them separately as a snack/lunch one day. Also from the Minimalist Baker, Cajun Sweet Potato Fries! This combination of spices is so perfect and they were just the right amount of spicy. I had them with a mixture of vegenaise and Sriracha which was the perfect addition.


I’m very happy to say that I’ll be running the 10K at Ottawa Race Weekend this May 🙂

[from @OttawaMarathon]
I haven’t participated in race weekend before, although I was there in 2014 when my friend did the 1/2 Marathon and we waited at the finish line. I can’t wait to do the 10K, the course starts downtown and goes to Dow’s Lake where you turn around and come back – I’ve done that route several times before. It’s around sunset too so hopefully it will be gorgeous, and not too hot. I’ll be training with the Running Room for a few months leading up to race day to make sure I can reach my goal time which is 1:05 or less. I’m generally quite a lazy person, so I love having the accountability of running with a group. My last 10K race went terribly! It was a night race in August and oh my god, that was probably the hottest day of the summer so even though the race was around 8pm, it was still extremely humid. Lots of dehydration going on and my time was closer to 1:20 than 1:10 like I wanted. It was also a bit disorienting running in the dark which I didn’t expect. We had headlamps which were supposed to help but were actually super annoying to run with especially when there was so much sweat on your forehead from the heat. I barely remember getting home but I know I was really sick and dehydrated the entire night.

Somehow, I’m willing to try it again! In the spring and when it’s still light out.

I’ve finally gone through the Thug Kitchen cookbook and picked out five recipes to try. Technically I already did try one (the amazing banana pancakes) but I found five more that look so good, they’ve got to be made. There’s no deadline for these because my schedule has been crazy and will continue to get busier these days, so I’ve been relying on the fastest meals I know how to make off the top of my head.

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad – the only things I’m not familiar with here are the maifun noodles (never used these or even seen them at the store so wish me luck with that) and toasted sesame oil.

Roasted Beer and Lime Cauliflower Tacos with Cilantro Coleslaw – okay so this is a big ingredient list (which I hate) but these tacos are basically the reason I bought this book so they’re happening, eventually. Cauliflower is also $$$$$ these days.

Spring Veggie Bowl with Red Curry Lime Sauce – this looks beautiful! But also kind of intimidating. It will likely be worth it though.

Wedding Soup with White Bean Balls & Kale – I used to eat wedding soup at restaurants when I was eating meat, I’m hoping this will be an awesome replacement.

Carrot Cake Cookies – my mom makes the best carrot cake, but it’s not vegan. I will be thoroughly impressed if these taste anything like it.

For the summer, I am extremely excited to try their Peach-Mint Sun Tea. I’m a big iced tea drinker, every day of the year, and I especially love peach iced tea. Speaking of tea, I’ve decided to stop drinking coffee again. I got a huge box of my favourite Jasmine green tea (Uncle Lee’s) and I’m addicted to that once again. However I do keep a container of coconut cream in the fridge at work because there are some mornings when you just absolutely need coffee. Usually by the summertime I can be completely coffee-free but we’ll see how it goes this year.

Here’s hoping I get to one or two of these recipes soon, I’ve also been exploring on Pinterest and BuzzFeed quite often these days so there could be some randoms thrown in with the Thug Kitchen ones. There’s obviously never too much vegan food to eat! 🙂









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