Spring Veggie Bowl, Cauliflower Tacos & Mediterranean Salad

I know, it’s not technically spring yet.

However two groundhogs did agree that spring would be coming soon! I think the most important opinion on this issue is that of Punxsutawney Phil because he is the most reputable groundhog in all the land, so I’ve heard. But I also read a human opinion on this; apparently winter will go out quietly soon, as I wish it always would.

Anyway, moving onto the food, I was really excited for this bowl mainly because of the sauce, it just looked so tempting and delicious. It’s a red chili lime sauce. I had to hunt down red chili paste which I eventually found somewhere other than my usual grocery store, bummer. Once again, much like the Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad, I was doing a million different things at once here. Less chopping than the salad, but a lot more baking…but it turned out amazingly, and tasted delicious so I’ll get over it.


Oh right I forgot – those are green beans, not asparagus like the recipe called for. There was none at my grocery store when I went to look for it. Now it’s there, of course. But I thought green beans would be a decent substitute and they were. Also the instructions said to grill the bok choy and asparagus but….I do not have a grill, like any grill. No grill pan, no BBQ, just no. So I Googled other ways to cook bok choy and green beans and ended up roasting them in the oven. Both turned out great! The tofu was a pain but it also tasted pretty great. I didn’t cut it as thin as usual, so the marinade maybe wasn’t soaked all the way through. Also you’re supposed to marinade it for hours on end and I just did not have that kind of time. I now realize it would be super helpful to plan a dinner ahead of time and prepare/marinade the tofu throughout the day. Then at dinner, it’s one less thing to scramble to finish.

Okay so I finally tried making the Beer Lime Cauliflower Tacos, also from Thug Kitchen. Really thought they would be more work than they were. Surprisingly, I found this to be a very low-stress recipe! Honesty time; I didn’t make the homemade salsa included with this recipe. But I did make the coleslaw! That part was very easy and very delicious as a topping on the tacos.

Hellooo delicious cauliflower
With avocado, Tofutti sour cream, cole slaw & salsa

Very tasty tacos. The cauliflower/onion mixture was yummy and slightly spicy, but not in an intense way. The coleslaw was the perfect flavour combination to go on top. I really like Tofutti sour cream. I also love their cream cheese. I would highly recommend either of those Tofutti products especially for anyone transitioning to being vegan, it makes it a lot easier to have these alternatives. Normally I make creamy avocado sauce instead of using sour cream, but I was already putting slices of avocado on top so I thought avocado sauce might be overkill.

So there! Five recipes done from Thug Kitchen 🙂 There are a few more I definitely want to try so I’ll be doing that soon. In the meantime, after perusing the Vegan Everyday cookbook, I found several recipes I’m looking forward to trying. I’ve already tried two and they were both fantastic; Mediterranean Pasta Salad and Herb Roasted Potatoes. The pasta salad is amazing, I used to love Greek pasta salad with feta but now I’ve realized I don’t need feta! The flavours of the dressing and olives are more than enough, it was delicious. I will definitely be bringing this to barbecues over the summer.

As for the potatoes, this is the way to roast potatoes. I’ve tried many roasted potato recipes before and this is my favourite so far. I used white baking potatoes and left the skins on, cut them into wedges, then mixed them with grape seed oil, dried rosemary, dried thyme and salt. The recipe actually called for fresh rosemary and thyme but…I already had dried at home and didn’t feel like buying the fresh stuff when I potentially wouldn’t be using all of it before it went bad. Then I cooked them for 45 minutes at 400C, flipping them once halfway through. They were perfect, like something you would get in a restaurant. Maybe even better because sometimes they serve frozen french fries.

Herb Roasted Potatoes (with ketchup of course)
Mediterranean Pasta Salad

So I haven’t exactly narrowed it down, which Vegan Everyday recipes I will be trying in the next few weeks, it will be a last minute decision most likely based on how much time I’ve got. There was a great looking lasagna recipe and also a Greek gyro recipe with cashew tzatziki that I am so excited to try! I’m very hopeful it will actually taste like tzatziki because I really do miss that right now, Greek is one of my all time favourites.

For dessert, I finally tried a coconut ice cream that was highly recommended, and it did not disappoint! So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk “ice cream” is so delicious! Well, the chocolate flavour is anyway mmmm!


It still amazes me how many vegan products there are out there, and the list keeps growing! I’m sure most people who avoid dairy have heard by now that Ben & Jerry’s has introduced a dairy free line – such a joyous announcement! I can’t wait for them to come to Canada so I can try every single flavour 🙂










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