Many things for #iyp2016

There are many, many things to say. The first is the theme of this post is International Year of Pulses – which is this current year, 2016. Find more info on that at

First pulse-based recipe, a really delicious chickpea tikka masala from The Iron You. Several posts back, I made chickpea masala (with zuchinni) and adored that recipe so I will still make it however…I kind of think this one is better. The flavours are better plus I didn’t even make it correctly (read recipes thoroughly is the lesson there) and it still turned out to be so delicious.


Have I mentioned that I used to hate cilantro? Well I did, maybe just three years ago or so I wouldn’t have touched it. Now I love it, particularly with Indian food, which is great because turns out, cilantro is very good for you 🙂 The best part about this meal is how ridiculously easy it was to prepare and cook.

Next up, a replacement for some classic comfort food – Shepherd’s Pie from the Minimalist Baker. One of my favourite websites, by the way. The recipes are usually very few ingredients and easy to make. This is so much like the real thing. Warm, filling and tasty. I love lentils, and if you’re into them too this is a great recipe to try out! It was a bit time consuming…often recipes that involve cooking and mashing potatoes take up time. But it was soooo worth it.


Perhaps it doesn’t look like it, but this actually really reminded me of the original kind of Shepherd’s pie with ground beef. This tastes even better to me. I poured ketchup all over this plate after taking this picture (kind of addicted to ketchup, pretty sure it’s hereditary).

Third thing: sweet potato and black bean enchiladas from the Oh She Glows cookbook. Yes, I blew the dust off this book and decided to try something new. Something with a very long ingredient list – which I hate and typically avoid. However I looked through the list, and realized I had 90% of the ingredients in my kitchen already so I was like alright maybe that’s convenient enough.


These. Were. AWESOME. Sweet potatoes, black beans, spinach, homemade enchilada sauce, homemade avocado cilantro sauce…I just can’t even describe. I would say they kind of make you forget cheese, meat and sour cream are even things that exist in this world. Definitely making these again, forever and ever. It was a decent amount of work making two sauces from scratch, but now that I’ve made this once I can manage my time better and probably get it done faster for next time.

Last but certainly not least, Peanut Tofu Buddha bowls from Delicious Knowledge. These were so tasty and so full of protein! Chickpeas, tofu and a crunchy peanut butter sauce. The sauce was excellent and the combination of flavours with carrot, roasted broccoli, chickpeas, spinach and peanut was perfect. It made a lot so it would be really great to assemble the night before and eat for lunch in the mornings. My sister requested that I double or triple this recipe next time so she can eat it for lunch all week long.


Alright that’s all the stuff I made the past couple weeks! I am also working on a post about a couple restaurants I tried recently in my neighborhood so hopefully I can finish that up soon and get it posted. It’s really exciting to see so many vegan/vegetarian restaurants popping up all over the place in Ottawa this year!





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  1. Madelaine says:

    Letisha – your posts and photos inspire me to cook! Keep writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Letisha says:

      Thank you Madelaine 🙂 It would be great to have you over for dinner here sometime soon!


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