Things I love about fall

I once had a long discussion with an Uber driver about which season is better: winter or summer. We were both cool-weather loving people it turned out. He pointed out that in the summer, if you’re too hot, there’s nothing you can do about it. You’ll likely just stay hot and uncomfortable until the weather changes (we’re talking about outside, not inside with AC of course). However in the fall and early winter, you just have to layer when going outside! You can take layers off as you need to and put them back on; you can adjust your own temperature. I was so glad to meet a fellow fall lover.

But let me be clear – by the end of February, I am absolutely SICK of winter. I can’t stand it anymore and long for spring. Spring is not overly warm here either, so it’s another one of my favourites. It’s really just the middle of summer and middle of winter I’m not fond of. But overall, and I’ve tried to deny it and say I appreciate every season equally, at my core and deep in my heart I know, I am a fall person.

 Right now it’s still technically summer, but today is Labour Day and in my mind, that means good riddance summer! I’ve also recently gone back to cutting out coffee and trying to drink mostly green tea, which makes me think of fall – cozy, tea time season. To get you psyched up for the incoming season the way I am, here are the 8 main reasons why I ABSOLUTELY ADORE FALL:

1. The temperature – you don’t get cozy in the summer, all you want is to COOL DOWN. AC and iced tea are your best friends all summer long. But in the fall, they are replaced by cozy blankets, sweaters, slippers and hot tea. Fall is not freezing cold; it’s cool. Cool is the perfect temperature. As a runner, I also really appreciate the fall for it’s perfect running temperatures. In the summer, you sometimes need to wait for the evening or early mornings to not die of heat stroke while running, but in the middle of fall most of the 24 hours we call a day are perfectly cool.

2. The views – let’s be honest, it doesn’t get much more beautiful than fall in Canada (or more generally the North parts of North America). See below. I know yes, winter can sometimes make the world look like you live in a beautiful, icy, magical snow globe kingdom, but it’s also uncomfortably freezing cold in the Great White North during that time. Fall is beautiful and magical without being offensively freezing. Best of both worlds. The way the trees turn red, orange and yellow to me is a magical phenomenon. Against either a bright blue or dark grey sky, these colors look fantastic.

Toronto in the fall, the “views” Drake was talking about

3. The smells – do you ever take a minute to appreciate how fall smells? It smells amazing. The air is getting crisp and cold, the leaves are changing which you might think would smell like rotting compost but instead it smells amazing. I also often smell smoke or wood burning in the fall. If your city is old enough, some people still have chimney’s and wood stoves that they actually use – thank you to those people, you make my fall!

4. The food – stews, soups, chili, baking, roasts…fall is the time to bring all that back. After a summer of cold salads, you are ready for something warm that will really stick to your ribs and keep you cozy. By the end of July, I’m already dreaming of new soups to try in the fall. You start making the kinds of dishes that you can smell the second you walk in your front door, they basically take over your home as they’re cooking. Mmmmm, it’s all about the squashes. Pumpkins and sweet potatoes, the orange veggies that dominate fall, are super versatile, filling and delicious. Respect to turnips and carrots.

5. The drinks – I’m looking at you, Starbucks. They have capitalized on fall (and every other season) in a big and very smart way. We all look forward to their holiday line ups and fall comes first. Not only do they release new (and returning) drinks, but they are accompanied by a new cup as well. Always exciting to see. Pumpkin becomes a thing that we drink suddenly, and I’m not mad about it. Really it’s the pumpkin spice we love, which is usually cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg – sometimes allspice. If you’re a bit thriftier, you know fall means you can make your own delicious fall-themed hot drinks. Tea becomes more desirable to keep you warm or ward off those inevitable colds (literally the only downside to cold weather, and I know from experience they also happen in the summer so HA!). Even as a vegan, I can look forward to Starbucks’ holiday drinks – with a few modifications, some can be made without dairy or egg products.


6. The clothes – I am no fashionista, actually far from it, but fall understands how I want to live my life; in sweatpants. Summer drives me crazy, unless I have enough awesome dresses but wearing shorts and pants in the summer…no thanks. Skirts are alright. Sometimes. Fall is mostly long pants/jeans (my favourites!), tights, cozy sweaters, scarves and boots. All of these things I love and find easy to buy. For some reason summer is just not my fashion season.

7. The occasions – both Thanksgiving and Halloween are fall holidays. I love them both, always have. They really balance each other out too! Thanksgiving is all about family, love, being home, being comfortable, cooking hearty foods, being thankful, sharing, and giving. Halloween on the other hand, is more about the vices; dressing up as someone/something scary or evil, getting all the candy you can for yourself, telling ghost stories and being totally freaked out, and stuffing your face with sugary treats that are terrible for you. Perfect balance. And once all that is over, do you need to be sad and disappointed? NO because guess what is right around the corner? Oh that’s right, Christmas!

8. The feeling – there is just this ambience to fall, it has that ‘je ne sais quoi’. Perhaps it’s just the drop in temperature, perhaps it’s the sound of leaves rustling or crunching underfoot, perhaps it’s the hustle and bustle of back to school for all the kids. I love all the fresh school supplies in the stores! Now that I’m not longer a student, it makes me excited and nostalgic for that time. It must be a combination of things that just makes fall feel wonderful. I’ve always thought it has something to do with rebirth – it’s the first step of that process, things are changing and leaving us, but it’s such a beautiful way to go. You also know that this is all part of a cycle and after the end comes a new beginning.


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  1. Pure Glory says:

    Fall is my favorite season, also. Just wished it lasted longer in Alaska. Besides the gorgeous leaves, I really enjoy the smell of high bush cranberries in the outdoors air and being able to view the aurora borealis once again without freezing my tush!

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