Peach Blueberry Cobbler, Vegan Goulash & Thanksgiving Bowl

Summer is finally coming to an end. A very slow, hot, humid and rainy end.

That’s alright though, I can dream of fall for a few more weeks until it actually arrives. I brought out my fall scented candles in preparation and I’ve been researching the best vegan pumpkin spiced latte recipes to make at home. Although still drinking primarily green tea, I’ll allow the occasional latte for the purposes of fully enjoying this wonderful season.

This August, all of the peaches I bought were so juicy, sweet and delicious. I realized I hadn’t made a cobbler since going vegan! So I searched the internet for a while and finally found one with great reviews from Ambitious Kitchen. I’ve browsed this site before and never tried anything. This cobbler was such a success though, I’ll be back to find more great recipes for sure.

Easy and quick to make (well, if you don’t mind peeling peaches because that’s laborious) but overall super simple and the results are SO tasty! I loved the combo of peaches and blueberry plus the cinnamon. Mmmm cobblers have never failed me. Confession time; I actually ate so much of this when it was warm out of the oven, that I felt super sick from the sweetness. But I’ll be ready to make it again in a couple of weeks most likely.


Maybe not the most photogenic ever, but who really cares it’s dessert

I’m not the biggest dessert person. I mean I like to eat it, but making it? Not so much. I’m much more about the savoury main courses and sides. So the next two meals are much more fall-themed and definitely savoury. Especially this fantastic Vegan Thanksgiving Bowl! I was really not sure about this, I just kind of thought “No way does this totally capture the tastes of Thanksgiving properly” but oh my god, I was very, VERY wrong. This captured the tastes and textures of Thanksgiving perfectly. Since it’s early September, I couldn’t find any cranberry sauce in my grocery store which was disappointing but understandable. A spoonful of sauce would have been an amazing addition to this already amazing bowl. I’ll shut up about how good it is now…

Vegan Thanksgiving Bowl from 🙂

Vegan gravy, tastes and smells like actual gravy. How does that happen? It’s super simple to make too, it’s just vegan butter, flour, onion powder, oregano, thyme, salt and vegetable broth. It smells amazing while it’s cooking and it’s perfection smothered all over these roasted veggies, mashed potatoes, and topped with walnuts. Oh, it was supposed to be pecans but there were none at the store. So as I often do in the middle of the grocery store, I Googled the best alternative to pecans. I suspected walnuts, but wanted to confirm. This is just my first attempt at an alternative Thanksgiving meal this year, I plan on trying a few more before the real event. The competition is already intense because I could easily see myself eating this on Thanksgiving (and like 10 times before then).

Alright so I can say this with total certainty, the last meat dish I couldn’t imagine giving up was something my mom makes called Hungarian Goulash. She makes it with stew beef, lots of paprika, onions, and ketchup. If it’s cooking at their house, my mouth waters instantly I can’t help it. When I came across this recipe for vegan goulash on Pinterest, I got my hopes up that it would be exactly the same. Of course it was not (not as sweet, didn’t have ketchup that could be why), however it is still a really delicious meal. I am going to keep working on this until I make the perfect version of Hungarian Goulash veganized, but until then this one will definitely do just fine. It combines smoked tofu and potatoes for the “meat”. Didn’t know smoked tofu was a thing until I saw it in this recipe, and then in a weird coincidence finally noticed it the next day at my grocery store. Was it always there? Not sure..I think it may be new.


Last thing to post about is a new ice cream place I visited in the market last weekend called Sweet Jesus – they also have a location in Toronto and I’m not sure where else. They just opened here in Ottawa a few weeks ago and are insanely popular already. I’m not exactly sure why, but don’t trust my opinion on it because I was restricted to plain vegan ice cream. Usually their ice cream is all dressed up with fancy toppings and funny sacrilegious names, but I had to order the vegan peach ice cream – no toppings, thanks. Wah wah. It was still really good though, almost too sweet (what is wrong with me that everything is too sweet) and even though I got the absolute smallest size, I just could not finish it. But it was worth trying, it’s definitely good vegan ice cream.


Stay tuned for a million fall recipes because it’s the most wonderful time of the year for me right now…well in a couple weeks when it finally cools down. Really counting on that happening soon. Of course I’ve already had two pumpkin spiced lattes since they came out – not from Starbucks, they can’t be made vegan apparently there’s some milk stuff in the sauce. Although I’m not super strict like that usually. Okay, I don’t go to Starbucks because it’s way too far away from my work, alright? It’s sheer laziness.

L  🙂


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