Pumpkin Muffins, Burritos & Sloppy Joes – One Year Veganniversary!


October 1st was my one year veganniversary (it’s fun to say that word). Also fun to have made it so far with this whole veganism thing. I’d like to say I never thought I would make it this far, but that’s not true at all. Once I started, it became clear pretty quickly there was no going back. It became so fun to cook, eat and live this way that I just can’t picture my life any differently now.

To celebrate the official date, I made my fellow awesome vegan sister and myself mushroom sloppy Joes which I found in a cookbook I have called The Easy Vegan Cookbook, by Kathy Hester. It has a lot of great recipes with super simple ingredients and minimal prep/cooking times. I have to say, my finished product looked almost exactly like the picture in the cookbook and you cannot always guarantee that will happen so it’s amazing. I served them with Cajun Sweet Potato Fries from the Minimalist Baker (I have for sure posted them before, my go-to sweet potato fry recipe). It was an awesome way to celebrate, risky because they could have been terrible, but luckily they were not at all 🙂


The fries were dipped in sriracha vegenaise (which you make by mixing sriracha and vegenaise, tah-dah!) and I put some A1 sauce and Earth Island cheddar shreds on top of the sloppy Joe mixture.

Fall is finally here, and it was about time I started using pumpkin in EVERYTHING. However so far I’ve only tried making my own pumpkin spiced lattes (have not been successful thus far) and some delicious pumpkin gingerbread muffins from Oh She Glows. These muffins are really yummy, awesome flavours and I topped mine with pepitas although walnuts were recommended. I feel like they’re basically a breakfast food as well as a dessert food. And snack food. They’re all purpose muffins. I added dairy-free chocolate chips because…why not?


Finally, my most recent triumph, has been burritos. I have posted about some burritos before here, but these are SO MUCH BETTER. They are aptly named Better Than Chipotle Vegan Burritos. I’ve actually never had Chipotle before, but there’s probably no need now. These were surprisingly easy to make! I even whipped up the Nacho Cheese sauce recommended in the recipe. It was supposed to sit in the fridge for a few hours, but I did not do that much planning. It still tasted great in the burritos. I served them with Tofutti sour cream (one of my favourites) and salsa. So good! The first one I made totally fell apart because I stuffed it way too full. Learned my lesson, the next few were tightly packed and could be held in your hand for easy eating.


I didn’t even make these exactly as the recipe suggests, and they were still the BOMB. The corn was supposed to be roasted, it wasn’t. There was supposed to be pico de gallo, I just put tomatoes because I forgot to buy cilantro. I used jalapeno peppers instead of Serrano. I just kind of winged it and did the best I could, but it worked out so well. I love when that happens!

I’m so excited to complete another year of veganism. My goal for this next year is to focus even more on whole foods and stay away from processed foods and vegan junk foods (which exist, trust me) as much as possible. It’s all about adding in more good stuff so it just crowds out the bad – well maybe not bad, just less healthy.

OH I forgot about Thanksgiving! In addition to the usual big family Thanksgiving, the day before my parents came to our place and we had a vegan Thanksgiving with them. I made the Thanksgiving bowls from my last post (although plates instead of bowls) PLUS vegan stuffing from, once again old reliable, the Minimalist Baker. It was SO delicious! Especially the next day as leftovers. You maybe can’t spot it easily, but it’s there in the top right corner of the plate under potatoes and gravy 🙂


It’s been an awesome year full of so much learning and discovering amazing new recipes I will probably be making for years to come! If you’re interested in becoming vegan, check out this great website for basically any question you could possibly have about it www.vrg.org. I also found an interesting article about declining rates of meat and dairy consumption around the world that was encouraging, and another on veganism becoming a protected human right in Ontario (so you could not be discriminated against for being vegan). All really cool stuff! That’s it for my Veganniversary post 🙂



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