Cabbage Rolls, Southwest Scramble, Easy Falafel & Lentil Loaf :)

I’ve been trying to get a post done forever, it feels like. I’ve started one just like this several times but now I’m really starting it with a commitment to finish and post. It’s weird to me that I was continuously half finishing a post and then something would always pull me away and I wouldn’t even look at it again for weeks at a time. I guess sometimes life just goes that way! I’m glad to finally have the chance to sit down and get this all out right now.

For most of January and February, I was really busy and not cooking much or at least not trying any new recipes. Then closer to March, things started to take off again and I’m really excited to share all of these recipes because they are all my new FAVOURITES!

First of all, the cabbage rolls – okay so cabbage rolls were not something I even liked when I was an omnivore. I can’t recall eating them even once, although I’m sure I did. At least I didn’t eat them often or ever seek them out. That’s all changed now! These are fantastic! I never knew I could love cabbage this much, it’s the strangest thing. If you want to talk about comfort food, you’ve got to talk about this meal. The cabbage rolls are hearty stuffed with quinoa and lentils and covered in a tomato-y sauce PLUS serve them with mashed potatoes…wow. Super filling. I found this recipe on Pinterest, but you can more specifically find it here from Connoisseurus Veg (I adore that blog name, by the way). Full disclosure here, I found this recipe to be quite a bit of work the first time I made it, but it was definitely well worth it. It’s mainly just the fact that you need to cook everything separately beforehand, then put it all together to cook. It makes sense and if you plan it out properly, I’m sure it can be done faster than I did it 🙂

The rolls before heading into the oven….
Finished product, tah dah! 🙂

Alright so my next new favourite thing ever, is the Southwest Tofu Scramble from Minimalist Baker. I’m a huge fan of the Minimalist Baker recipes, I use them all the time and even when I first started out as a vegan one of the first stir fries I made was from her blog. It’s a great resource for simple yet delicious vegan recipes. My mom was coming to stay over at our place one night a few weeks back, and I was on breakfast duty. I had made her tofu scramble before but it was kind of underwhelming and I wanted to try a different approach. So I found this very flavourful option while searching online. It’s easy and delicious. A few days after that, I made the exact same thing for my omnivore boyfriend. I told him beforehand he should try this, and you know eat his usual breakfast of eggs after if he was still hungry. Well, surprise surprise! No eggs were made that day after we ate this meal…

The cooking process – yes, you can eat kale for breakfast!
My mom’s plate

I’m definitely going to make this a million times, I can feel it. It’s filling AND healthy. Imagine finding a way to get these great veggies into your breakfast AND making tofu taste great?? It’s truly amazing. A lot of people are skeptical of tofu before trying it, but as long as you serve it to them with some flavour and pizazz, it’s not usually disliked I’ve found.

Now, for the thing I’m probably most excited about: I finally tried making my own falafel. As many people who know me know, I eat falafel A LOT. Like really, a lot. I loved shawarma before going vegan and was so happy that I was still able to order from shawarma places after going vegan. This recipe is once again from, Minimalist Baker – Easy Vegan Falafel. And yes, I did find it quite easy and straightforward. I received a large food processor for Christmas, something I had been wanting for a while. Homemade falafel was a big part of the reason I wanted it. This falafel turned out completely perfectly, I absolutely loved it. I tried making a vegan garlic sauce (also called ‘toum’) that did not turn out at all, so I’ll keep searching for a great recipe for garlic sauce before I make these beauties again.


The other reason I wanted a food processor, was to make lentil loaves. Ironically, the first one I tried out did not require a food processor, but I’m sure I’ll try others that will use it! This loaf from Amuse Your Bouche turned out pretty well considering it was my first, although the middle never seemed to quite firm up properly. Luckily since it’s just veggies, I really didn’t have to worry about a little sogginess in the middle! After it sat out of the oven for a while and out of the pan, it slowly started to become more firm throughout, but yeah there was something off with the cooking time or my oven temperature maybe. The taste though was fantastic, it was perfectly savory I could definitely picture eating it at Thanksgiving or Christmas. I made mashed potatoes and an onion/garlic gravy to go with it too.


It’s maybe not much to look at, so you’ll just have to trust me that it tasted completely amazing and was very filling. I like to find things that are very filling meals. Although I love a good salad, sometimes you are ravenous and meals like the above are the perfect thing to really satisfy you.

Now, just two more things:

1. Ben & Jerry’s Non Dairy is FINALLY in Canada! And guess what? I’ve already tried all three flavours available in my area. They are heavenly, my favourite though hands down is the Coffee Caramel Fudge. Highly recommend it.


2. On Monday, I start a juice cleanse with my sister. She did one about a month ago and had a really good experience, so I’m jumping on board this time. I’m mostly super excited for it and maybe like 5% nervous about not eating for three full days. I somehow think it will be worth it though. It’s a cool way to reset your palate, maybe reduce some bloating and take a good look at your eating habits, really be able to examine them. We’re doing this through a nearby vegetarian restaurant that I know I’ve mentioned here several times before, Pure Kitchen. Here’s the link to their juice cleanse brochure!

That’s it for now, but this weekend I’ve got a few appetizer recipes lined up to try so we’ll see how that goes! Then I need to figure out just what to make for Easter! 🙂



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