Welcome to my blog! I know very little about the blogging world – including how to make it look pretty but I have friends who do, so hopefully they can help me out at some point.

I’ve been mostly vegetarian since 2014 and began my transition to veganism in October of 2015 after doing lots of research and watching several documentaries, including Cowspiracy. It’s been over a year now and I can safely say that I plan to continue eating this way for the rest of my life.

The plan for this blog is to chronicle my victories and failures when it comes to my foray into vegan cooking and baking. It’s certainly different but so far, I’ve found it very worthwhile and rewarding. I’ve always loved cooking so this is really just a matter of retraining my brain when it comes to the ingredients available to me. I find it really fun and exciting to try new recipes – even when they suck, it’s still an adventure!

I suppose at this point I’m officially a runner, because I do enjoy running, I’ve been doing it pretty consistently for a few years now, and I’ve completed more than five races. However, I am definitely a fair weather runner. Winter running is not my thing…yet. It could be someday though because by the time spring finally decides to show up here in Ottawa, I am desperately missing my runs. I also hate treadmills, so as you can see I’m also super picky and hard to please.

Occasionally I may be compelled to post tips or information on becoming vegan, or any interesting tidbits concerning Ottawa, the nation’s capital and my hometown that I never left! Please enjoy viewing my very professional head shot for work, in which I am laughing. Never take your job too seriously, guys.

A little random stuff about me: I’m 25, I love purple, autumn is my favourite season, I was born and raised in Ottawa, I have a degree in human rights and currently work in the non-profit sector. I also have a cat named Whiskey, but mostly he’s Moo (or MooMoo, Moo-Pie, etc.) since he’s white with black patches resembling a cow.


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